soft foods for me

I am getting some crowns put on my teeth. Why? Because my teeth are royalty! That’s why!

Also because my teeth are a mess. I’ve had pretty much EVERY TOOTH EVER get filled in because of a cavity.

So now I have these temporary caps on my teeth and they are killing me! It’s so hard to eat! I don’t know if this is what it’s like when a baby is teething, but I’m going to say it is.

It’s super hard to eat. But it also feels good to bite down. So I eat to make my jaw feel better, but it’s so hard to eat that it’s a pain. I think this is a catch-22. Or a catch-twenty-tooth.

I have been eating a lot of bananas. They are easy. Also, tried an avocado for the first time. That was fun! Have you seen the pit in that thing?! It’s huge! I have no idea what’s in it, but I’m guessing it’s a baby dinosaur. That’s why I made a little nest and sit on it while I’m watching Star Trek.

Another new thing I tried is creamed spinach. I really never expected to eat that, but it sounded soft. It’s like a weird drippy green solid that actually tastes pretty good.

I know I’m not selling it well, but when you’re desperate for food like I am, you gotta learn to take what you can get! Life isn’t easy for us royal teethers!

Trying to find soft foods to eat has also made me appreciate the internet more. Like finding out what fruits have skin that I can and cannot eat. Honestly, I have NO idea what’s edible!

I started to look up if I could eat the skin of an avocado. Google automatically filled out my search with mango! I didn’t even know that was a question! I never bought a full-on, uncut mango at the store. But guess what! Some people could get a rash from it! So it’s kinda better not to risk it!

Shouldn’t fruit be labeled to let me know this? Am I really so out of touch with food that I should have known that? Should I just stick with bananas because that’s all I can afford?

The answer is “yes” to all of those questions.

I’m off to sit on my nest.

Enjoy Everything.



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